So Americans Want Canadian Healthcare? Think Again!

Here is my article warning Americans – especially Senator Bernie Sanders, and the rabidly socialist Congresswoman AOC – against trying socialized medicine, Canadian style.

If they do, they are just going to repeat Canada’s mistake.

The article was released today on the Opinion page of The Epoch Times, New York – and in other editions of this newspaper.

I think it covers all the main objections in a reasonably short space. So, if visitors to this website have ever longed for a concise, fact-based argument against socialized medicine – this is it!

Feel free to forward it to your list of contacts, or post it to other websites.





3 thoughts on “So Americans Want Canadian Healthcare? Think Again!”

  1. Hello Mr. Gairdner, considering you are now a new guest columnist for the Epoch Times I thought you might find the following 14 Minute video of interest (In this video he mentions the Newspaper);

    This is one video of many produced by a Westerner who has lived a long time in mainland China and offers politically incorrect (i.e. natural) insights into the customs, practices, mentality and culture of the Chinese, both good and bad.

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