Libertarian-Socialism: How Liberal-Democracy Overcame Its Own Contradictions

              The totalitarian states of the Twentieth century, whether of national socialist (Nazi and Fascist) or international socialist (Communist) ambitions, were aiming to control almost every aspect of life from the top down; to bring about by force of law and government what I describe in The Great Divide as “the triumph of the Will over Nature.” The Germans called this process Gleichschaltung, or “bringing into line.” In other words, they wanted to organize, or bring into line by force the naturally different lives of millions of different private citizens according to a single totalizing vision of the good society. The great irony of the political history of the West is that whether as expressed by Nazism, Communism, or Fascism, all these totalitarian movements, as the late political philosopher Michael Oakeshott put it, were the “ungracious children” of modern democracy. Caesar, as have all dictators since, waited breathlessly for the roar of the crowd, as do modern democratic leaders for the roar of the polls.


The Future Is (Almost) Now

This was an interesting talk about some futuristic changes to modern life by the Managing Director of Daimler Benz (Mercedes Benz), who began by saying their competitors are no longer other car companies but Tesla (obvious), Google, Apple, Amazon. Then, he continued to speculate. Even if half of what he believes comes true, it will be a revolution of sorts in how we live: (more…)

First Post on This New Website: Some Good/Shocking Reading!

Here is an interesting and persuasive essay on: Why Leftists/Progressives fail to criticize Islam for its many social and moral failings. The main gist, and it’s true, I believe, is that reluctance of the left to critique Islam is actually a veiled way of critiquing western civilization. In brief, and as the fine thinker Roger Scruton put this truth long ago, the majority of leftists in the Western world have become “Oikophobes”, or people who hate their own home.

The root of that word is the Greek “Oikos” for “home”, which we find in our English word “economy” and so, in what used to be a subject developed mostly for young girls in our public schools: “Home Economics.”

And here is a rather astonishing map showing the drop in the world’s fertility rates over recent decades:

We simply have no idea as yet (tho with immigrants streaming over so many unprotected borders we have had plenty of warnings!) of what this is going to mean for the future of what is still called “Western Civilization.”

A Good Speech on “Dis-Education”

Below is a speech by: J. MacLeod, who is an associate professor of law at Jones School of Law at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama.


I teach in a law school. For several years now my students have been mostly Millennials. Contrary to stereotype, I have found that the vast majority of them want to learn. But true to stereotype, I increasingly find that most of them cannot think, don’t know very much, and are enslaved to their appetites and feelings. Their minds are held hostage in a prison fashioned by elite culture and their undergraduate professors. (more…)

More Thoughts on God

Below are my thoughts as shared with a few friends in our discussion group, sent when one of them began to talk about how he is sure God loves him, as if God were a bosom buddy.


I do not think we can know, absolutely, that God loves us. We can only say that we feel God loves us. To rebut that we know the mind of God strikes me as a stretcher, as Huck Finn described all exaggerations and fibs. Maybe even blasphemy.


Hyperdemocracy and the “Anti-Polis”

Before you read this essay, check out the rather arresting, if not astonishing map of the 2016 American election, on the link below. The essay was just declined for publication by a rather major Website with which  you would all be familiar, on the editorial ground that to publish it at this time would be “too disruptive” for Americans to read.

So I am publishing it. Still working on it a little. But you will get the message. It is not one I have seen emphasized elsewhere, except indirectly. I think the thesis holds up, and it points to a phenomenon that is radically new with respect to the Western secularizing nations, at least.


An Interview on The Great Divide

Just ran a cross this interview with London Ontario journalist, Mary Lou Ambrogio, which I neglected to post when my latest book, The Great Divide, was first published.

(Flagrant self-promotion: Visitors to this website could help to stimulate awareness of this book by forwarding this interview to their friends and associates, for which, I give thanks in advance …

The Interview is in the form of nine questions from Mary Lou, as follows:


Ten Commandments for Climate Skeptics

Here is an excellent summary for those skeptical of the claim of climate scientists that the world is warming due to human causes.

It is posted under “Core Principles” on the website of the International Climate Science Coalition.

Those wanting more of the background may wish to read my own “Global Warming In A Nutshell” to be found in the Archive of this website.


Supreme Incoherence: Transgender Ideology and the End of Law

A superb article of this title was published last March in the American journal First Things by Mr. Jeff Shafer, Senior Counsel at the Alliance Defending Freedom.

It takes serious concentration to get the most out of this piece, and I post it here as a fine example of how clear thinking at its best will always rout ideological confusion.


On Vacation

I will be away on a cycling vacation in the Dordogne region of France for two weeks+, and back home near the end of September.

Meanwhile, I hope the world stays in one piece.

Until then, visitors to this site who are new, are encouraged to browse the many essays posted on the right side of the home page, and check out my blogs from years past, most of which still speak to our time. I am confident in saying this only because I have always been more interested in the enduring issues and truths than in things ephemeral.