A Gentle Corrective for David Frum

My Son recently sent me this interesting interview with David Frum on the Rubin Report. David Rubin is a disarming sort of chap, who gives the impression of having a real interest in honest and well-rounded debate from any and all perspectives.

And this cuts close to home for me, because I sent him my Great Divide book a year ago, which he received, but so far there has been no invitation to join him on a show. I suspect that is so because my book makes a logical hash of most libertarian arguments (Rubin is a self-avowed libertarian) having to do with so-called “social issues” like abortion, homosexuality, and euthanasia.  So alright, I am a little jealous.

I like David. He’s a real gentleman. A sophisticated, aristocratic sort of fellow, and educated. This is an exception, as I do not think most lawyers get a solid, well-rounded education. Most of them end up with what Europeans call a “professional deformation,” meaning – a one-sided, legalistic view of the world.

I think Frum gets Trump right on the character side, and mostly wrong on the policy side.


The Dramatic Shift From Classical Liberalism, to Libertarian-Socialism

         Here is another Table, which I expanded upon in my book The Great Divide (on pages 26-30) , that sharply illustrates the regime-change in Canada since the middle of the last  century.  A Table very similar to this could be drawn up for any Western nation. Read it. Think about it. Ask yourself where this trend is heading … because it is not going to stop anytime soon! 

       What we see in Part A is that many things once considered matters of fundamental freedom having to do with such as buying personal health care, private  property rights, economic rights, freedom of thought, speech, and language rights, have fallen under state control; and in Part B, that the main focus of citizen freedom has become reduced to and is now centered upon the body and sexual matters,

    It has been a Faustian deal wrought by Statist regimes all over the once-free world: More control and minute regulation of human life in all reaches of government, financed by the heaviest non-wartime taxation and public debt (deferred taxation) in history, in exchange for allowing citizens more bodily and sexual freedoms (abortion rights, homosexual rights, common-law marriage rights, easy-divorce rights, pornography rights, drug rights, transgender rights, etc.,  etc,)

A) The Advance of Socialism

  Item                                            1950                                                               Today

Private Medical Care          Legal. Free-market                 Illegal. State monopoly

                                                                                                   On all gov’t-insured services in Canada


Private Medical                  Legal. Open to all                    Illegal to buy or sell private options for 

Care                                                                                                 gov’t-insured medical services


National Language            Legal to use any language      Illegal. Forced Bilingualism

 Freedom                                                                                       coast to coast in Canada 


Private Property                 Legally-Protected. Lightly                     Heavily Regulated by many  

                                             regulated. Celebrated as an                      agencies. No constitutional

                                             historical common-law right                 protection in Canada’s Charter

                                           regulated. Celebrated as                       Many takings-by-regulation that   

                                           historical common-law right                 diminish property value without

                                                                                                               market compensation


Rights to the                     Legal. All resources above                        Illegal. Federal and  

 “Gifts of Nature”            or below the surface of one’s                     Provincial/State  

on Private land                   privately owned land                                 governments have legislatively-

                                              –“From Heaven to Hell” —                        seized private resources

                                             protected in law since                            without compensation to owners.

                                              ancient times 


 Free Speech                       Legal; open to all                                    Illegal. PC “hate” speech laws,

                                          except for libel, slander, etc.                   Human Rights Tribunals  & thought 

                                           All classic books allowed                       control.  Many classic books banned

                                           Free speech for third parties                  in schools .Third-party speech banned 

                                           allowed during elections                        at elections.

                                          Public discussion of all topics               Public discussion of many topics

                                        encouraged                                                actively discouraged/banned as “hate”



Part B – The Advance of Libertarianism 

Pornography                    Illegal                                                         Legal. Available everywhere

                                                                                                                easy access even for children

Abortion                           Illegal. Only rare                                        Legal. Available on demand and

                                                    cases allowed                                               tax-funded (Canada)   

Homosexuality                Illegal                                                         Legal. Celebrated            

Gay Marriage                 Illegal                                                           Legal. Sanctioned by government

                                                                                                                    (in Canada and many other states)

Divorce                            Illegal/Difficult                                      Legal/Easy

                                 based on fault, abandonment                           Based on “no fault”

                                  insanity, spousal violence only                          Either spouse may trigger divorce

                               consent of both spouses req’d                            no consent of observant spouse req’d

Addictive Drugs              Illegal                                                           Legal for private use.  

                                                                                                                   State-supplied for addicts.

                                                                                                                Canada and many other nations

                                                                                                              now legalizing and tax-harvesting drugs

Transgendering              Illegal                                                           Legal, by choice &

                              Allowed for genetic mistakes only                      State-funded (Canada).    

 Prostitution                     Illegal                                                           Legal in brothels & redefined as                                                                                                                                    “sex work”


The Great Divide of The Western World

 This is the first Table that appears in The Great Divide: Why Liberals and Conservatives Will Never, Ever Agree (which you can see under “Books” on this website).

I had a little trouble formatting the spacing when I lifted it from the printed book, but each “Item” being contrasted is listed in bold. The text is sometimes double-spaced when it should be single-spaced, but it is still readable. I am going to publish a few more of the Tables from this book here soon.


                                                       Where Do You Stand?  


      The Two Incompatible Narratives of Western Civilization


Item                     Enlightenment                                                              Counter-Enlightenment

                         (Roots of Modern liberalism)                                          (Roots of Conservatism)


Reason           Reason can perfect society               vs.           What reason can create, reason can destroy

Rights        Rights are natural, individual,                 vs.              Rights are a concrete achievement of

                 and inherent in all human beings                                a civilization

 Moral            Personal choice has priority               vs.                 The common good has priority



 Human        Man is naturally benevolent & good       vs.      Man is weak, fallible, and self-interested

Nature       Because Man is good, society can be                  Man is by nature neither good nor evil,  

                   made good by Man.                                                but the historical record shows that

                                                                                                   when humans start forcibly engineering human 

                                                                                                   societies according to their abstract plan for

                                                                                                   perfection, the results are always evil.


Politics         Main goal is to perfect society                 vs.      Main goal is to conserve and protect the good

                 Rousseau: A legislator must be capable                 Schemes to perfect society destroy what is

                 “of changing human nature.” Education,                  already good. Humans should not be objects

                 legislation, and changes to the human                    of manipulation by progressives

                  environment are the tools


Democracy    Democracy is universally good        vs.    .       Democracy is a tool, not a good in itself


Equality           Inequalities and hierarchies             vs.                  Hierarchies and inequalities are natural

                         must be ended by force of law                                   in a lawful and free society.     

                        Inherited privilege must be ended


Freedom        Individual freedom is the priority.           vs.                   Social freedom is the priority.

                     Personal choice is paramount                                          The common good is paramount


Property         Property is the basis of inequality    vs.       Property is the basis of a free society


Economics    Wealth inequalities must be levelled     vs.        Levelling destroys wealth for everyone


 The State        Is a product of human Will,            vs.        Is a product of history and venerable custom 


Society     Is an aggregate of autonomous individuals        vs.        Is an organic communitarian body


Sex             These are private, individual matters                vs.         These are of paramount public concern          




Preferred            Top-Down unitary organization              vs.           Bottom-up natural evolution

Method of           



The Law     Preference for uniform Code Law                       vs.          Preference for an evolved common law                         

                             based on natural rights                                                based on natural law

Time to Face the Multicultural Mess

Here is a short video on the failure of multiculturalism in the West.

It is not just a rant. A handful of precise opinions are voiced, and the underlying research is cited for those who wish to follow up

Deja vu is the feeling I got watching it, because … in 1990 I published The Trouble With Canada (re-published in updated form, as The Trouble With Canada … Still! in 2010), in which I argued that the multicultural legislation passed in Canada in 1988 was a mistake because it meant immigrants would no longer be expected to assimilate to Canada’s unifying deep culture, and the result would be the gradual formation of mini-nations with in the larger nation-state, because a Multicultural policy, as one critic so aptly put it, “condemns immigrants to house-arrest in their own skins.”

Canada’s very long experience with Quebec separatism was sufficient warrant for this opinion. I argued that Quebec and the Rest of Canada (ROC) are now more than ever the “Two Solitudes” about which we had been warned as long ago as 1945 by the novelist Hugh MacLennan of McGill University in a bestselling novel of that very name.

In short, the Quebec experience, which has been a consistent threat to Canadian unity ever since Confederation in 1867, has been, and remains Canada’s first failure with the multicultural experiment.

We have learned nothing since.

When will the West wake up, shake off its self-loathing, revive its confidence in the best of the West, so to speak, and once again undertake to re-learn, defend, propagate, and celebrate the greatest civilization of modernity?

The Radicalism of The Humanist Manifesto


Below, I give a Summary of The Humanist Manifesto (Parts I 1933, and II, 1973), with some brief comments of my own in square brackets.

Everyone concerned about what is looking very much like the decline of the West, should know what this Manifesto preached – and preaches still.

Although it is a highly self-contradictory document and of low intellectual value, it clearly sums up the entire philosophy of “secular humanism” that is today so much in the air. It has been signed by hundreds of influential intellectual and political figures such as John Dewey, Issac Asimov, Sir Herman Bondi, Sidney Hook, Sir Alfred Ayer, B.F. Skinner, and Sir Julian Huxley; by feminists such as Betty Friedan, by economists such as Gunnar Myrdal, architect of the Swedish Welfare State, and of course by the Sex-Ed Mafia, Professor Lester Kirkendall, Alan Guttmacher, and Canadian abortionist Henry Morgentaler, past President of the Humanist Association of Canada.

I used the word “preaches”, because the signatories refer to themselves as “religious humanists” –  founders of a new “vital, frank, and fearless religion capable of furnishing adequate social goals and personal satisfactions” to the world. The essence of this “religion,” which denies any supernatural reality – is the worship of man himself. The God-man.

What follows is an abbreviated list of their founding beliefs in their own words. Reflect upon them; even though very few teachers have ever heard of this manifesto, many of these values and beliefs are today being transmitted to our children in most of the public schools of the land, as matters of fact, through the process of infusion. And of course, they are spread by media and entertainment folk of all sorts. They are especially powerfully communicated via the highly-charged medium of Sex-Ed, if not by intent, then by consensus.


Canada’s Soft Totalitarianism (Really)

  At a breakfast meeting in Toronto a few years ago with the late George Jonas –  an author of keen insight and perspicacity – I asked him what it was like to live under totalitarian rule, as he had done under Communism in his native Hungary before escaping to Canada in 1956. I will never forget what he said:

           “I felt like I was fleeing a disease. But … it followed me!”

           I almost wept for my country to hear such words. I have always loved Canada. For most of my life it has been a relatively trouble-free nation of plain-spoken, sensible people who seem politically and morally a little sheepish, not easily roused, not terribly impressed by the successes of their fellows, more prone to obey than to revolt, but who long before, and certainly since Confederation, have enjoyed a remarkable tradition of freedom.

           This freedom – of speech, action, and thought – limited only by traditional bounds of criminal or civil law and custom, was at its high point during the colonial period, when settlers hardly ever saw an agent of government, and was lauded most poignantly in 1896 by Canada’s 7th Prime Minister, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, in words that rang throughout the land – and throughout the unfree world – like a proud and resounding gong: “Canada is free, and freedom is its nationality!”

           And that is why I almost wept. For we simply cannot speak those words today, because Canada is no longer a truly free country. And I shall say why, in a moment.

           Meanwhile I remember, when reading Life magazine in the mid-60’s, staring in disbelief at a large center-fold photo of a million Chinese students in Beijing’s Tiananmen square, each dressed in a severe copy-cat black uniform and hat, all waving Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book over their heads in an apparently genuine delirium of admiration for his orientalized version of Marxism.

        I felt a deep pity for those robotic students, because it was clear they were brainwashed and quite frightened to raise an original idea, or to discuss individual freedom. And there was I, sitting in Canada in such full-enjoyment of my manifest liberties that I silently gave thanks for my country.


Libertarian-Socialism: How Liberal-Democracy Overcame Its Own Contradictions

              The totalitarian states of the Twentieth century, whether of national socialist (Nazi and Fascist) or international socialist (Communist) ambitions, were aiming to control almost every aspect of life from the top down; to bring about by force of law and government what I describe in The Great Divide as “the triumph of the Will over Nature.” The Germans called this process Gleichschaltung, or “bringing into line.” In other words, they wanted to organize, or bring into line by force the naturally different lives of millions of different private citizens according to a single totalizing vision of the good society. The great irony of the political history of the West is that whether as expressed by Nazism, Communism, or Fascism, all these totalitarian movements, as the late political philosopher Michael Oakeshott put it, were the “ungracious children” of modern democracy. Caesar, as have all dictators since, waited breathlessly for the roar of the crowd, as do modern democratic leaders for the roar of the polls.


The Future Is (Almost) Now

This was an interesting talk about some futuristic changes to modern life by the Managing Director of Daimler Benz (Mercedes Benz), who began by saying their competitors are no longer other car companies but Tesla (obvious), Google, Apple, Amazon. Then, he continued to speculate. Even if half of what he believes comes true, it will be a revolution of sorts in how we live: (more…)

First Post on This New Website: Some Good/Shocking Reading!

Here is an interesting and persuasive essay on: Why Leftists/Progressives fail to criticize Islam for its many social and moral failings. The main gist, and it’s true, I believe, is that reluctance of the left to critique Islam is actually a veiled way of critiquing western civilization. In brief, and as the fine thinker Roger Scruton put this truth long ago, the majority of leftists in the Western world have become “Oikophobes”, or people who hate their own home.

The root of that word is the Greek “Oikos” for “home”, which we find in our English word “economy” and so, in what used to be a subject developed mostly for young girls in our public schools: “Home Economics.”

And here is a rather astonishing map showing the drop in the world’s fertility rates over recent decades:

We simply have no idea as yet (tho with immigrants streaming over so many unprotected borders we have had plenty of warnings!) of what this is going to mean for the future of what is still called “Western Civilization.”

A Good Speech on “Dis-Education”

Below is a speech by: J. MacLeod, who is an associate professor of law at Jones School of Law at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama.


I teach in a law school. For several years now my students have been mostly Millennials. Contrary to stereotype, I have found that the vast majority of them want to learn. But true to stereotype, I increasingly find that most of them cannot think, don’t know very much, and are enslaved to their appetites and feelings. Their minds are held hostage in a prison fashioned by elite culture and their undergraduate professors. (more…)