The Trouble with Democracy book cover

The Trouble with Democracy

"Democracy" has become almost an empty cant word in our time. The first sign of this is when we hear two people debating completely opposing, logically incompatible points of view, both citing democracy in their defence. This book critically examines and exposes the virtues and vices of democracy from ancient times to the present. Readers will be shaking their heads at the historical and theological underpinnings of democracy revealed, and how what we call "liberal democracy" and "totalitarian democracy" diverged from the same roots.

Comments and Reviews

"Anyone wishing to restore constitutional safeguards against predatory mobs, social engineering elites and a political system hostile to civil society must realize this: if Bill Gairdner is correct about the intellectual roots of our problems, we will win only trifling institutional victories unless we take the battle onto the field of ideas." The National Post