Climate Change Confusion: What Are We To Think?


Here is a link to my article on “climate change” which has just been just published by the Epoch Times newspaper. It arrived on Trump’s desk the same morning.

The article asks a lot of questions that ought to be on the mind of any reasonable person.

And it is already attracting lots of attention. And if you think it is of interest and is asking the right questions, please do your part to circulate this piece, as I think the entire subject has mutated from a reasonable public and scientific concern into a quasi-hysterical social justice feeding frenzy.


“The French Traveler”: A Rousing Peek Into The Past

The French Traveler is finally out, and available on Amazon, right here:


This is such a refreshingly frank and honest view of the extremely rugged and wild life of settlers and explorers – but especially of Iroquois and Huron Indians – in mid-Eighteenth-century Canada, that many readers get a bit of a shock.

Yes, a shock. First of all, a shock of delight at the stirring, but very honest, and seemingly innocent writing that gives an immediate sense of peeking through a keyhole in time, into a previously hidden world.

I say “hidden” because for most of us, that’s true. The truth of Indian life in particular, has been hidden from us by the left-liberal sanitization of texts and by politically-correct public conceits about the “Noble Savage” – who was in fact (as this book shows) often truly noble. But just as often, truly ignoble and savage, in very gruesome ways. Better be sitting down!

If you want a truly memorable and rousing reading experience that will also arm you for discussions about the truth of our past, you will find it in The French Traveler.