Time to Face the Multicultural Mess

Here is a short video on the failure of multiculturalism in the West.

It is not just a rant. A handful of precise opinions are voiced, and the underlying research is cited for those who wish to follow up

Deja vu is the feeling I got watching it, because … in 1990 I published The Trouble With Canada (re-published in updated form, as The Trouble With Canada … Still! in 2010), in which I argued that the multicultural legislation passed in Canada in 1988 was a mistake because it meant immigrants would no longer be expected to assimilate to Canada’s unifying deep culture, and the result would be the gradual formation of mini-nations with in the larger nation-state, because a Multicultural policy, as one critic so aptly put it, “condemns immigrants to house-arrest in their own skins.”

Canada’s very long experience with Quebec separatism was sufficient warrant for this opinion. I argued that Quebec and the Rest of Canada (ROC) are now more than ever the “Two Solitudes” about which we had been warned as long ago as 1945 by the novelist Hugh MacLennan of McGill University in a bestselling novel of that very name.

In short, the Quebec experience, which has been a consistent threat to Canadian unity ever since Confederation in 1867, has been, and remains Canada’s first failure with the multicultural experiment.

We have learned nothing since.

When will the West wake up, shake off its self-loathing, revive its confidence in the best of the West, so to speak, and once again undertake to re-learn, defend, propagate, and celebrate the greatest civilization of modernity?

The Radicalism of The Humanist Manifesto


Below, I give a Summary of The Humanist Manifesto (Parts I 1933, and II, 1973), with some brief comments of my own in square brackets.

Everyone concerned about what is looking very much like the decline of the West, should know what this Manifesto preached – and preaches still.

Although it is a highly self-contradictory document and of low intellectual value, it clearly sums up the entire philosophy of “secular humanism” that is today so much in the air. It has been signed by hundreds of influential intellectual and political figures such as John Dewey, Issac Asimov, Sir Herman Bondi, Sidney Hook, Sir Alfred Ayer, B.F. Skinner, and Sir Julian Huxley; by feminists such as Betty Friedan, by economists such as Gunnar Myrdal, architect of the Swedish Welfare State, and of course by the Sex-Ed Mafia, Professor Lester Kirkendall, Alan Guttmacher, and Canadian abortionist Henry Morgentaler, past President of the Humanist Association of Canada.

I used the word “preaches”, because the signatories refer to themselves as “religious humanists” –  founders of a new “vital, frank, and fearless religion capable of furnishing adequate social goals and personal satisfactions” to the world. The essence of this “religion,” which denies any supernatural reality – is the worship of man himself. The God-man.

What follows is an abbreviated list of their founding beliefs in their own words. Reflect upon them; even though very few teachers have ever heard of this manifesto, many of these values and beliefs are today being transmitted to our children in most of the public schools of the land, as matters of fact, through the process of infusion. And of course, they are spread by media and entertainment folk of all sorts. They are especially powerfully communicated via the highly-charged medium of Sex-Ed, if not by intent, then by consensus.