First Post on This New Website: Some Good/Shocking Reading!

Here is an interesting and persuasive essay on: Why Leftists/Progressives fail to criticize Islam for its many social and moral failings. The main gist, and it’s true, I believe, is that reluctance of the left to critique Islam is actually a veiled way of critiquing western civilization. In brief, and as the fine thinker Roger Scruton put this truth long ago, the majority of leftists in the Western world have become “Oikophobes”, or people who hate their own home.

The root of that word is the Greek “Oikos” for “home”, which we find in our English word “economy” and so, in what used to be a subject developed mostly for young girls in our public schools: “Home Economics.”

And here is a rather astonishing map showing the drop in the world’s fertility rates over recent decades:

We simply have no idea as yet (tho with immigrants streaming over so many unprotected borders we have had plenty of warnings!) of what this is going to mean for the future of what is still called “Western Civilization.”