Hyperdemocracy and the “Anti-Polis”

Before you read this essay, check out the rather arresting, if not astonishing map of the 2016 American election, on the link below. The essay was just declined for publication by a rather major Website with which¬† you would all be familiar, on the editorial ground that to publish it at this time would be “too disruptive” for Americans to read.

So I am publishing it. Still working on it a little. But you will get the message. It is not one I have seen emphasized elsewhere, except indirectly. I think the thesis holds up, and it points to a phenomenon that is radically new with respect to the Western secularizing nations, at least.


An Interview on The Great Divide

Just ran a cross this interview with London Ontario journalist, Mary Lou Ambrogio, which I neglected to post when my latest book, The Great Divide, was first published.

(Flagrant self-promotion: Visitors to this website could help to stimulate awareness of this book by forwarding this interview to their friends and associates, for which, I give thanks in advance …

The Interview is in the form of nine questions from Mary Lou, as follows:


Ten Commandments for Climate Skeptics

Here is an excellent summary for those skeptical of the claim of climate scientists that the world is warming due to human causes.

It is posted under “Core Principles” on the website of the International Climate Science Coalition. www.climatescienceinternational.org

Those wanting more of the background may wish to read my own “Global Warming In A Nutshell” to be found in the Archive of this website.