Supreme Incoherence: Transgender Ideology and the End of Law

A superb article of this title was published last March in the American journal First Things by Mr. Jeff Shafer, Senior Counsel at the Alliance Defending Freedom.

It takes serious concentration to get the most out of this piece, and I post it here as a fine example of how clear thinking at its best will always rout ideological confusion.


On Vacation

I will be away on a cycling vacation in the Dordogne region of France for two weeks+, and back home near the end of September.

Meanwhile, I hope the world stays in one piece.

Until then, visitors to this site who are new, are encouraged to browse the many essays posted on the right side of the home page, and check out my blogs from years past, most of which still speak to our time. I am confident in saying this only because I have always been more interested in the enduring issues and truths than in things ephemeral.



Feminism, Abortion, and Egalitarian Democracy

“All Who Support Slavery Are Free, and All Who Support Abortion Are Alive”

Abortion has for so long now been considered a right in the Western world that even millions of ordinary, non-radical women defend it passionately. But that is not my topic here. I am going to discuss abortion as the third fundamental plank of the radical feminist platform; which is to say, the so-called “right” to abortion as a tax-funded service of the State claimed as a means to equality with men.