Feminist Mothers: What is Daycare Doing to the Child

“Working parents want daycare. What children want… is their parents.”

~ Wendy Dreskin, author of The Daycare Decision: What’s Best For You and Your Children.

Now I turn to the second program demanded by feminists. So-called “universal daycare” has been promoted by feminists from the start as an essential government service that would enable all women, regardless of income, to free themselves from the natural consequences of their own biology – the responsibilities (to many of them, the burdens) of homemaking and childrearing. As men cannot bear children, feminists set themselves the target of equalizing the parental work of childrearing. But they cannot force men to stay home and share that load. So instead, they seek to force all taxpayers to share it via tax-funded daycare. Then, free of their own children at last, feminists would be free to sally forth and compete with men as equals in the capitalist jungle. So this is at bottom a program of unknown expense – estimates range from $5 to $10 billion per year – designed not to give children the best care, as we shall see, but to level the gender playing field that radicals are convinced is stacked against women.


What Are the Effects of Innate Sex Differences On Society?

What Are the Effects of Innate Sex Differences on Society?

Briefly put, they can be devastating—unless society is determined to control them, as it did in the nineteenth century. Alas, we have long since sowed the wind of sexual egalitarianism, and we are reaping the whirlwind. For, as George Gilder poignantly argues in Men and Marriage, the unconstrained public philosophy of males the world over, to the great detriment of society, tends to focus on immediate gratification. Single young men are a distinct hazard to society and its procreative health for the following reasons. They vastly prefer hit-and-run sex. They are wildly more aggressive than females. Although single men represent a percentage in the low teens (and falling) of the population over the age of fourteen, they commit nearly ninety-percent of major and violent crimes. They drink more, have more—and more serious—car accidents, than women, or than married men. Young bachelors are twenty-two times more likely to be committed for mental disease—and ten times more likely to go to hospital for chronic diseases than married men. Single men are convicted of rape five times more often than married men; they have almost double the mortality rate of married men, and three times that of single women, from all causes.


Google, Feminism, and “Brain Sex”

This post seems particulary timely in view of the recent tempest in the Google teapot over an internet post on gender differences by James Damore, who basically argued that men and women are very different.

Perhaps the only mistake he made was to ignore the fact that people selected from the general population by Google for employment are a very specialized sub-set in which men and women may be more alike than men and women are in the world at large.

The observations and research cited below describe natural male-female differences found in the general population, and anyone who follows up this work will forever be disabused of the false notion that men and women are “the same”.

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The Feminist Reaction (to the pro-family world)

The Feminist Reaction

“Feminist theory…is passionate and salvationist in a similar way to Marxism, new religious movements, and occult enthusiasms: all of them know in advance not only the conclusions they will arrive at but the appropriate attitude toward those conclusions. Academically, it is mostly unsophisticated. A little light generalizing work is followed by polysyllabic decoration and some spray-on indignation.”

~ Kenneth Minogue, Times Literary Supplement, June 7, 1991


The Feminist Mistake(s)

Let us begin by pointing out that there have always been “feminists” around. There were female protest movements in ancient Rome where women tired of home-making would insist on their right to fight in battle “just like men” – and even to do this bare-breasted, if they wished. Most men would likely agree that the mere sight of a pack of half-naked women rushing toward them in battle would be a very effective deterrent to warfare.