What “Euthansia” Is, and Is Not

If you ask most people to define “euthanasia”, they will pause a little, then say it has something to do with helping someone who is old, or sick, or suffering, to die. They rarely consider the various complicated scenarios that crop up.

Here is a terse set of distinctions sent by a physician friend with whom a few of us were having a debate surrounding Canada’s recent law legalizing euthanasia.

Before reading, I think it is useful to keep in mind that euthanasia is not about “letting” someone die of natural causes, keeping them as pain-free and comfortable as possible along the way, with nursing, food, water, etc., as distinct from keeping them alive artificially.

Rather, euthanasia is always about “making” someone die by the administration of life-ending drugs, injections, etc.

Note: MAiD = Medical Aid in Dying

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How To Fix the Multiculturalism/Immigration Problem

Stop Funding “multiculturalism”

Ethnic groups lobbying for money from the State are like any other lobby group. They use the money to circumvent the political process. The government must stop funding all of them—left, right, business, radical, ethnic, all of them. Let them fight for what they want through their democratically-elected representatives, or through privately-funded groups. Canada’s government should reconstitute, publicize, and require schools to inculcate, the key ideas and symbols of Canada’s deep culture before they are totally forgotten.


Islam in the West: Some Demographic Facts

In the space of a mere half century, as the West has divided against itself in this fashion, it has imploded demographically even as the Islamic world has exploded. Western women (except for Americans) have been reproducing at a Total Fertility Rate (TFR) far below the Population Replacement Rate of 2.1 children per women since the 1970s. Canadian women have averaged around 1.5 children each. But Islamic women everywhere are still averaging 3.4 children each (though their fertility seems decline rapidly once they are westernized). At 1.8, a country will be at 80% of its current size in a century; at 1.3 it will be at one quarter. Canada has close to a half million Muslim females. Demography is the future, and we are witnessing what the French call “la revanche des berceaux” – the revenge of the cradles. French Canadians were aware that the long-term demographic victory over their British masters had to begin between the sheets (a program since defeated by abortion and the pill). In exactly this way, the victory for Islam, as Muslims say, “will be won in the wombs of our women.” The West is in the throes of fornicating to death within a regime of contraceptive (and abortive) sterility, while Islam is breeding new life.

The West Against Itself: Our “Civil War of Values”

The Spiritual Logic

The secular Westerner looks at the universe and says: “Because there is no God, the universe must have created itself by purely physical means, so there is no ultimate truth, no Why.”

But the Westerner of faith (and the Muslim) says: “As nothing can come from nothing, the universe cannot have created itself, because for anything to create itself, it would have to precede itself in existence – which is clearly a logical impossibility. Hence, the universe must have had a beginning and an eternal or uncreated creator. So absolute truth must exist somewhere, and therefore I must humble myself before this truth and strive to know it in whatever way I can.”

Islam, & Terrorism Against the West

“Virtually all of the most notorious international terrorist organizations are known to maintain a network presence in Canada.”

~ Canadian Security Intelligence Service, 2003.

“”Osama Bin Laden has publicly identified Canada as a country he believes his followers should attack … He ranked Canada fifth out of seven countries, and every other country on that list has already been attacked.”

~ Robert Wright, National Security Advisor to the Canadian Prime Minister, in a security Speech, October, 2004.

“[Islamic] leaders have always thought globally, viewing their struggles as part of a broader War against the West.”

~ Clifford May, President, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and former New York Times foreign Correspondent (October 31, 2009).