Trudeau: Like Father, Like Son

Well, I have finally got up off the floor after the election, and many readers have asked me to write a little something about what happened. And I will. Soon.
But first, I want to review just a little of what happened to us as a nation in the decades prior to the Harper regime, and so, what I think he went into politics attempting to reverse, with partial success.
At my age – 75 two weeks ago! – re-writing a story already told is not so appealing. So I am re-publising here the Preface to The Trouble With Canada … Still! (2010), because I can’t say it any better now. It is about what Father Trudeau did to our country (or, to be more truthful, what we did to ourselves by failing to recognize what was happening, and stopping him). Forgive me for italicizing some of the key passages. I don’t like to shout, but I am frustrated enough to want to raise my voice!.
In the coming days I will add comment on what Son Trudeau is up to.
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The Meaning of Marriage

Our youngest of five children will be married tomorrow, and it will be a moving time for our family. We have had quite a bit of discussion about the meaning of marriage, and the assaults upon that meaning, and this reminded me of a column I wrote some years ago on this topic. So I am re-posting it here, as the institution needs defending more than ever.

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